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Welcome to the website for the PREDICT study, which will look at the tests that are available for diagnosing people with tuberculosis, TB. This study is funded by the NHS NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programmeand coordinated by the Health Protection Agency.


TB is a disease which can take a long time to develop after a person is infected with the bacteria. The time between infection and becoming ill with symptoms of TB is called the latent period. During the latent period, some people manage to beat the infection and do not go on to have symptoms, but other people do go on to become ill. The tests that we have at the moment are not able to tell us who will become ill and who won’t. In this study we will be looking at some new tests that may help to do this so that we don’t treat people who will stay well, especially because some of the TB treatments have some side effects.


We have recruited over 10,000 people who have been in contact with someone who has active TB, or people who have recently moved to the UK (in the last five years) living in London. The full information about the study is in the study leaflet and flowcharts which you can download.